Wang Guangwei talks about interactive sales concept

Interactive sales adhere to the concept of “open, free, shared, and cooperative”. From these eight words, we can see that learning interactive sales does not cost money, and you also need to know that not all free products in the world are problem products. What you need is a sincere heart, only then can you have a beautiful view when you look at life. Since the introduction of the interactive sales concept, this spirit of openness, freedom, sharing, and cooperation has been outstanding. There are also many people asking “What does it mean to use the interactive wording concept?”

First, open. The openness mentioned here means that the interactive sales theory is not used by a certain individual or an organization.

It is facing all the public, and you can adjust to the state of your own world view and values. For example: a southerner, his knowledge of things and judgments, in the South is better than the northerners, the northerners can also go to the South to follow the customs, but in the end will not have the same effect. Therefore, southerners, he can integrate interactive sales theory according to local cultural practices, and this advantage lies in the localization of theory.

Second, freedom. Freedom is a kind of desire that people are born with. The freedom spoken in interactive sales is the use and dissemination

Free, no special license is required. When learning to use interactive sales, you can find relevant materials online, and it is free. You can also introduce interactive sales theory to friends and family and let them learn together. In such a process of communication, you don’t have to worry about litigation for copyright issues because he can spread freely. Such as: Baidu library included in the data without the author’s permission, and let the public free access, Baidu can be said to be infringing the author’s rights, to be compensated.

Third, sharing. The first four words have already stated that the use and spread of interactive sales is open and free. The sharing mentioned here is not a repetition of the first four words. Think about it. If you have a baby to share with the world, the first thing to solve is the language problem? Interactive sales will be translated into dozens of languages ​​for communication. Individuals or organizations need to develop a market in a certain city in the world. If local people have learned such a sales method, is it easy to communicate?

Third, cooperation. We often say “win-win”, if there is no cooperation, there is no win-win situation. If you want to achieve your dreams, if you first achieve the dreams of others, your dreams will be realized. Interactive sales is a big stage. Everyone has the opportunity to perform. Since there are more people performing, they need to work together. Only in this way can we achieve a perfect life together.

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