Non-brand, no entrepreneurship

“No Brand, No Start-up”: Wang Guangwei said in “Creator’s Forum”

Wang Guangwei, an expert in marketing management, delivered a keynote speech on “non-brand, non-entrepreneurship” in “Creator Forum”. He believed that entrepreneurs have no brand awareness and brand concept, and that the road to entrepreneurship will be winter snow. Brand is a name, noun, symbol or design, or a combination of them. It is a holographic concentration of the sum of all intangible assets of an enterprise or brand subject (including cities, individuals, etc.), and the “concentration” can be identified by a specific “symbol”. It is the subject and object, subject and society, enterprise and consumption. The product of human interaction. Brand is a kind of evaluation and recognition of an enterprise and its products, after-sales service and cultural value, and a kind of trust.

"Non-brand, no entrepreneurship" - Wang Guangwei

Without these specific symbols, it shows that the entrepreneur is a soulless entrepreneur, an entrepreneur who can not establish corporate brand culture, and there is no way out without brand culture. Wang Guangwei mentioned in his speech that there are three benefits for entrepreneurs to establish corporate brand and personal brand.

Firstly, to help the business development of enterprises, when the entrepreneurs in the process of business development, a specific symbol with their own business relationship established, and then through the network communication, gradually formed influence on the network, brand communication also formed. The cost of building a brand on the Internet is far lower than the traditional advertising cost, and the network characteristics determine the long-term display of such a durable publicity.

"Non-brand, no entrepreneurship" - Wang Guangwei

Secondly, enterprises that help enterprises to obtain financing have not considered financing since their inception. In this era, they basically can not survive. They are not in line with the market economy and will eventually be eliminated. Governments and banks all hope to increase the liquidity of money, and private enterprises are the main body to increase liquidity. Most Internet companies in the world are developing rapidly through financing. For example, the company provides homogeneous services, basically does not create anything new, but quickly enters the capital market through capital. To obtain capital, entrepreneurs need to produce data and operational results. The best embodiment is brand, because branded companies are based on these materials.

Thirdly, to help enterprises match government resources, enterprises can not develop without government support. A brand company with many technologies and a company without brands, who do you think the government will support? The state encourages technological innovation, protects intellectual property rights and promotes the development of private economy. These policy dividends must first be enjoyed by enterprises with brand names. In the process of creating brand, they solved the problem of employment and produced social benefits.

"Non-brand, no entrepreneurship" - Wang Guangwei

A good brand has a deep influence on customers. On the basis of it, brand extends to network products such as website name, website domain name, website LOGO, self-Media and so on. The image established in the minds of netizens is the network brand. Wang Guangwei also said that the vast number of entrepreneurs is the brand, in the mainstream network channels should have the image of entrepreneurs, at least can reflect your efforts, get friendship, get a better platform.

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